Our services

At Coda Del Pavone we specialize in the out of the ordinary. We work with our clients and designers to create custom artisanal paint, plaster and architectural finishes for commercial and residential applications.


Our services include but are not limited to:

faux finishes

faux bois (wood)

faux marbe (marble)

faux stone

faux metal and faux patina (rust, verdigris, faux gilding)

wall glazing and color-washing

ombre, strie and metallic paints

"industrial" faux concrete

Venetian, tadelakt and marmarino plasters

lime wash, lime (mineral) paint and milk paint

cabinet glazing, distressing, crackle and antiquing

stenciling, foils and modellos

color and style matching and touch-up of previously applied decorative and faux painting

murals,  trompe l'oeil and children's rooms

free-hand period decorative art and signage

artistic end walls and abstract artwork



In with the "OLD"...

At Coda Del Pavone Decorative Finishes, we believe in honoring the time-tested methods and traditions of the old masters, in rediscovering "lost arts" of decoration, and in using original materials which are, surprisingly, still readily available today. Why give a client a "faux" finish meant to emulate the walls of Tuscany, ancient Egypt or Old Mexico when we can use the actual lime wash, milk paint, natural earth pigments or true lime plaster and beeswax that was actually used in these places? Not only are these materials capable of rendering stunning finishes, they are also "green"! And...

In with the NEW!

With the continual advances in decorative coatings, anything is possible! From bold and dazzling to refined and subtle, modern paints, glazes, stains, sealers, acrylic plasters and metallics are versatile and durable. Our mission is to combine the old with the new, to not only achieve our clients decorative visions, but to exceed them!