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First, to let our prospective clientele know that they have come to the right place, we'd like to establish the fact that Coda Del Pavone Decorative Finishes is NOT a full service "regular" painting company! We are anything but ordinary, run-of-the-mill or basic! Coda Del Pavone is the destination you seek out when you are ready to see your unique vision manifest into reality. We are the company that is devoted to accomplishing what 90% of "regular" painters don't even have a clue how to do!

We are dedicated to the art and craft of specialty painting, focusing on artisanal decorative and architectural finishes, faux and scenic painting, decorative plasters and effects.


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The principle artisan and founder of Coda Del Pavone is Eric Marx.

Eric indirectly began his education in the decorative arts as  theatre director and set designer while studying at the University of Southern California.  In 1991 he began apprenticing in antique furniture restoration under Christopher Collins, the first American to work for the Queen’s restoration staff at Marlborough House in England.


It was through his work on antique furniture restoration and theatrical scenic painting that he began to cultivate an interest in painted finishes.  From there it was a natural progression towards learning faux wall treatments and effects. Eric also learned much from fine artist Salvatore Matteo, who further clarified his grasp of color and perspective. 


From these influences, Eric has developed his expertise with a solid background and devotion to preserving the fine European traditions of the Old Masters, along with a healthy curiosity for the wave of new materials and innovations of tomorrow.

Besides Eric, the company is comprised of a loose confederation of free-lance artists who specialize in various disciplines in the field of decor. Members of our artistic team have, together or separately worked for the following clients:

·       Walt Disney Imagineering

·       Sony Studios

·       Universal Studios

·       Dreamworks

·       The Jonathan Club

·       Knott's Berry Farm

·       The Bel Air Bay Club

·       Hannah Ahn (House of Ahn)

·       John Varvatos, Inc

·       The Malibu Courthouse

·       El Pollo Inka, LLC

·       Green Olive

·       Beatrice Cointreau

·       Bernie Taupin 

·       Rob Reiner

·       Dr. Phil McGraw

·       Wil-I-Am

·       Corry Dillon

·       Quentin Jammer

·       Tommy Thayer

·       John Schneider


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